Introducing “From Beauty Within”


To beauty lovers and explorers worldwide,

My name is Hawa and anyone who knows me knows that I’ve always been the biggest fan of beauty – and I’m not just talking about makeup, looks and style, I’m also talking about inner confidence and the beauty of believing that within yourself, therein lies the potential for you to embrace all that life has to offer.

Now, to start us off, I thought I’d say hi and tell you the four reasons that made me want to start the blog “From Beauty Within” —

  1. Life can be tough. At any age, whether you’re a teenager or in your 20s or (heck) even in your 50s, there comes a time where you will feel lost and unsure about what to do. Whether it’s what career path you should take or what course to take in university, I want this blog to be a platform of self-expression and positivity to be spread not only from me to you, but also from you to each other. A community where you can be yourself and be accepted for it too. From moving to a different country, to feeling different in society, I want this blog to be a form of my own self-expression, as well as your own.
  2. Makeup in Australia can be expensive. Not just Sephora or Mecca, David Jones or Myer. Even Priceline and Target sell you $30 foundations and $20 mascaras. So what differentiates the expensive from the affordable? What is worth spending your money on and what items can you save money on? Selections can be so overwhelming, but on this blog, I want to shed some light on products I have used and give you my honest opinion on what I think is worth spending your moolah on.
  3. Makeup can be difficult to get in Australia. People living in the UK or the US are blessed with brands that Australians couldn’t even dream of owning. Whether it’s Wet n’ Wild, Milani or Lorac, we don’t always get the cream of the crop when it comes to cosmetics. However, there are websites that you can go on to find some of these brands and I intend to share some of these websites with you, and let you know my thoughts on what I’ve tried, what I think is great, and what I think would work for you.Being actively researching and engaged within the beauty world of makeup, I hope, to the best of my ability, to help those who are in need of good makeup that is affordable, worth the money and will help you achieve the look that you desire.

    And lastly…

  4. I’m starting this blog for myself. Writing has always been a passion of mine and starting a blog was always one of the things that I’ve wanted to start and stick to, because sharing information on makeup and being able to make someone feel happy is something I love to do, whether it’s through helping them pick an eyeshadow palette or foundation, telling a funny story, recommending a good movie/book and basically helping someone else feel good about themselves.

I want this to be a wholesome blog that boasts not only good information on makeup and cosmetics, but also life-related posts that can help you get through today for the brightness of tomorrow. I hope you’ll stay on this journey with me, starting from my first makeup-related post coming up on Tuesday.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading guys, and I hope you’ll be back next Tuesday!

Much love,

Hawa. xo