Kyshadow Palette Dupes: Morphe, Too Faced, Makeup Geek


Hey guys! If you haven’t seen my review on the Kyshadow palette, please feel free to click on the link below:

Kyshadow Palette: Review, Swatches and Possible Dupes!

Otherwise, if you’re here to see some Kyshadow dupes, keep reading below 🙂

So, if you’ve read my review of the palette, in short, I do think it’s a beautiful palette as I love browns and prefer matte shades over shimmers. However, if you’re an eyeshadow junkie like I am and have an extensive eyeshadow palette collection, you will most probably have duplicates of these shadows in your collection. Here’s what I found:

Morphe 35O palette

Starting off with the much-loved Morphe 35O palette, I found dupes for 5 shades in the Kyshadow palette. With the numbering of the 35O palette, Row 1 is the top row, and Shade 1 of the first row is top first shade on the left. So, for example, the first white shade in the first row will be labelled as “Row 1, Shade 1” and so on and so forth:

From L to R: Jasper, R1S1, Goldstone, R4S2, Citrine, R2S7.

Jasper dupe – Row 1, Shade 1

Goldstone dupe – Row 4, Shade 2

Citrine dupe – Row 2, Shade 7

From L to R: Tiger Eye, R2S6, Hematite, R4S7, Bronzite, R5S3

Tiger Eye dupe – Row 2, Shade 6

Hematite dupe – Row 4, Shade 7

Bronzite dupe – Row 5, Shade 3

Too Faced & Makeup Geek


The remaining 3 shades: Quartz, Topaz and Obsidian, can be duped by the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette and Makeup Geek’s palette.


Quartz dupe – Marzipan (Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette – although Marzipan is just a touch more pink, whereas Quartz is more pinky bronze)

Topaz dupe- Semi-Sweet (Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette – Topaz is just a smidge warmer)

Obsidian dupe – Corrupt (Makeup Geek – this one is better in pigmentation)

Overall thoughts?

Overall, if you have these eyeshadow palettes and Makeup Geek’s Corrupt, you most probably won’t need this palette, although I still think it’s nice to have it all in one palette. It’s really all down to preference at the end of the day 🙂

I hope this post was helpful in making your decision! Let me know if you have any of these palettes and what you think about them in the comments below.
Until then, much love,

Hawa. xo






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