Makeup Geek: Swatches & Review

Hi guys! I hope you’re all having a good International Women’s Day! We should all embrace our beauty, on the inside and on the outside ūüôā So, today I thought I’d balance out the expensive with the inexpensive and bring to you a makeup brand that I think is SO worth the hype; Makeup Geek!


  • Normal Eyeshadows¬†


Starting off with the normal eyeshadow pans that come in a wide range of colours, there is definitely something for you amongst the selection of shadows being offered by Makeup Geek. Of these eyeshadow pans, I have 12 of them, which I will swatch in the pictures below:

Top row (from L to R): Cocoa Bear, Cosmopolitan, Mocha, Chickadee.
  • Cocoa Bear: A matte warm reddish-brown, very smooth to apply
  • Cosmopolitan: A shimmery pink with gold flecks – dupe for Mac’s Expensive Pink!
  • Mocha: A cool-toned matte dark brown, good¬†for the outer corner
  • Chickadee: A warm matte orange, good for warming up the crease
Second row (from L to R): Creme Brulee, Vanilla Bean, Glamorous, Burlesque.
  • Creme Brulee: A matte mid-tone brown, dupe for Too Faced’s ‘Salted Caramel’ from the original Chocolate Bar palette – perfect transition shade!
  • Vanilla Bean: Soft matte cream white, good for highlighting the browbone
  • Glamorous: Shimmery bronzey shade with slight reddish undertones when applied on the lid
  • Burlesque: Shimmery purple with minor silver flecks in it – very smooth to apply
Bottom row (from L to R): Latte, Goddess, Peach Smoothie, Mango Tango.
  • Latte: Matte mid-tone brown that leans more towards being cool-toned
  • Goddess: Shimmery reddish-brown
  • Peach Smoothie: Matte light peach shade, a little light on my medium skin tone, but might be a good transition shade for people with fairer or darker skin tones than me
  • Mango Tango: Satin watermelon pink

Overall,¬†these eyeshadows are pretty pigmented, the whole lot of them, and most of them are soft and easy to blend. The shimmer shades, such as ‘Cosmopolitan’ and ‘Glamorous’ are such beauties on the lid and the pigmentation and usability of these eyeshadows make it a dream to apply.

However, the matte eyeshadows can be somewhat hit or miss (but mostly hits!). The shade ‘Mocha’, for example, is a little stiff and can be a little patchy in application. On the flip side, ‘Creme Brulee’ is¬†a beautiful shade. It can kick up a lot of powder upon putting in your brush, but tap off the excess and you have yourself a gorgeous transition shade. A definite must-have (plus it’s also like¬†Salted Caramel from the original Too Faced chocolate bar palette – and wasn’t that the most beautiful transition shade ever!?). Asides from Creme Brulee though, Cocoa Bear is also quite unique, as it is a reddish brown that is gorgeous as a darker crease shade or a shade to use in the outer vee. Now onto the foiled eyeshadows…

  • Foiled Eyeshadows


These eyeshadows are where it’s at for me ūüėČ I honestly cannot get enough of these foiled eyeshadows. These eyeshadows are so metallic, so beautiful, so pigmented.. it hurts. These swatch as beautifully on the arm as they do on the lids, and the pigmentation is stunning. Being foiled eyeshadows, you do have to work with them a little. Without a primer, these will crease as it does have oils infusing the pigments together. But by using Urban Decay’s Primer Potion or Mac’s Paint Pot, these eyeshadows can stay on the lids for a good 8 to 9 hours with no fading or creasing. You don’t need to build this up as much as one or two swipes can do the trick, however, be warned that these do apply better with the fingers or with a synthetic brush. There are 20 shades in the line so far and I’m very tempted to check out a few more of them as these are my favourite metallic shadows that I have tried by far. Of the 20, these are the 6 that I have in my collection:

Swatches (from L to R): Magic Act, Grandstand, Untamed, Flamethrower, Center Stage, Mesmerized, Pegasus.
  • Magic Act: A warm champagne gold, that is perfect for highlighting the inner corner or as an all-over lid shade
  • Grandstand: A warm pink – one of my absolute favourites!
  • Untamed: Probably my favourite of the bunch, Untamed is a warm coppery gold that is temptation in a little pan
  • Flamethrower: A reddish-copper metallic shade
  • Center Stage: The only foiled eyeshadow I have that is slightly patchy and less pigmented than I expected, Center Stage is a deep blue – but used on top of a black base, this colour really pops out.
  • Mesmerized: A metallic purple-grey that is great for a smokey eye
  • Pegasus: A turquoise shade that reminds me of reflective oceans and chlorine waters
  • Duochrome Eyeshadows¬†

Of the duochrome eyeshadows that came out last year, I only have one of the 12, and it’s “Steampunk”. Steampunk has¬†a black base with brown-copper flecks in it. This particular shadow is alright for me, it doesn’t impress me as much as the foiled ones, but I do want to try out more from this line – (Secret Garden and Karma look gorgeous!) so I’ll reserve my opinions on this line for now.

  • Blushes

On a positive¬†note, the blushes are absolutely stunning. They are so good for the price. At AUD $14.40 on Beauty Bay, you get so much product (4.25g!). These blushes¬†are¬†pigmented, so you barely need to tap your brush into it to pick up the product. They’re not too powdery and they are also¬†easy to blend. The blushes do¬†come in natural colours, and there are some slightly deeper ones that can be good for darker skin tones but I do wish that the brand¬†will¬†expand their¬†line in the future to provide more options¬†for more skin tones. However, if you’re light to tan in skin tone, these blushes will look beautiful on you ūüôā

  • Foundation Stippling Brush¬†

Finally, brushes. Or really, brush. So far, I only have the one foundation stippling brush. The first thing I thought of when I touched this brush was, “This brush is so soft!”And it’s dense enough that I can still use it to pick up powder products, such as my Bare Minerals original¬†powder foundation, which I’ve used to buff the minerals¬†onto my skin. But I’ve also used this brush for a tinted moisturiser and it works just as fine as a stippling brush (which really, is its intended purpose). This brush is dense enough that it helps to achieve maximum coverage, but soft enough that it makes it easy to blend powder and liquid face products. And as far as I’ve used it, the hairs on the brush don’t shed. Would I recommend this brush? Definitely. It’s on par with my beloved¬†Expert Face brush from Realtechniques which I’ve been using for years now, so if that doesn’t tell you something about how good this brush is, I don’t know what will.


  • You can get Makeup Geek off the Beauty Bay website or the Makeup Geek website, and they both ship to Australia within 2 weeks.

And to finish off this post, I thought I’d insert a look I did¬†using the foiled eyeshadow ‘Untamed’ all over the lid with ‘Flamethrower’ on the outer third part of the lid, ‘Creme Brulee’ as my transition¬†shade, Cocoa Bear and Mocha in the crease, Vanilla Bean as my¬†browbone highlight and finally, Magic Act on the inner corner. Also, I used a slight dusting of¬†Makeup Geek’s ‘Infatuation’ blush on my cheeks.


What products¬†from Makeup Geek¬†do you have and think I should try? Let me know in the comments below! ūüôā

Tune in next Tuesday for more posts. Thanks for reading guys!

Much love,

Hawa. xo


Tartelette in Bloom: Review & Swatches

Hi guys!

So to start off with recent products that have been launched in the makeup world in the last couple of months,¬†the Tartelette in Bloom palette is the second eyeshadow¬†palette¬†in the Tartelette series. To be honest, I’ve never been attracted to the first all-matte Tartelette palette¬†as it mostly had¬†cooler-toned eyeshadows and purples that would not go well with my skin tone but when I saw that they were coming out¬†with a warmer palette, I quickly jumped on the band wagon and ordered it!



The packaging is adorable! I can’t get enough of the pink and purple mix with the gold¬†layout. The gold¬†layout of the palette made it feel very luxe and the¬†names of the shadows are written in the palette in purple writing, which is convenient as you don’t need to worry about a plastic sheet with names to keep.

The size of this palette is about the size of my hand, so it was smaller than I expected when it first arrived, but come to think of it, its size makes it¬†travel-friendly with its “no-wasted-space” compact packaging. It also comes with a¬†big mirror inside which makes it user-friendly for makeup application.


One of the first things that hit me when I opened this palette was a whiff of¬†the vanilla scent. The scent is faint (definitely not as strong as the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes) and is pleasant if you’re into sweet scents. If scents aren’t your thing, bear in mind that once you¬†have applied the shadows onto your¬†lids, you can’t smell it anymore so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

  • COLOUR SELECTION & SWATCHES (All swatches/pictures were taken in natural lighting)


As you can see from the pictures and swatches, this palette is neutral, but it leans more towards warmer eyeshadows. Despite the first palette being all-matte, the Tartelette in Bloom has 9 matte eyeshadows and 3 shimmer shadows. The top horizontal row leans more towards the cooler tones, but the majority of the palette is warm-toned, with a good mix of light shades, medium-toned transition shades, crease shades, as well as darker shades that you can use to deepen the outer corners, or to use as liners.


Swatches from L to R: charmer, jetsetter, rocker, smokeshow. 


Swatches from L to R: flower child, smarty pants, firecracker, activist. 


Swatches from L to R: funny girl, sweetheart, rebel, leader.



As you can see in the swatches, the shadows are really¬†pigmented (and this is without a primer!!), on the arm¬†and on the lids. The only shade that was a dud in the palette was “funny girl” in the third row, first shadow from the left. It came off very powdery, and it was really lacking in pigmentation. However, with some setting spray, you can apply this shadow wet, as shown in the picture below, and it does improve to an extent, but on its own, this eyeshadow was the only disappointment to the palette.



These shadows are as soft as they are buttery, much like the formula of Lorac eyeshadows. Pigmented, but upon putting your brush into the shadow, you will get some powdery excess, which means that you’d either have to tap excess off your brush to avoid any fallout upon application¬†or use a lighter hand when dipping into these shadows.

With soft shadows like these, they blend easily without getting too muddled and without any need for major effort. Put it this way, a beginner could blend these eyeshadows.


With an eyeshadow primer (Urban Decay’s Primer Potion on some days, and Mac’s Paint Pot in Soft Ochre on other days), these eyeshadows lasted 8 to 9 hours on me without fading or creasing. However, at the end of the day (think 10-12 hours), there was no sign of creasing, but rather some fading in colour.


Currently this palette is only available in Ulta or on the Tarte Cosmetics website in the US, which makes it a little inconvenient for us makeup lovers in Australia. However, you can order this through, which is a website which helps you find someone in the US who can help ship¬†this to you. Alternatively, you can also get this off of eBay and Gumtree as I have seen a few sellers there. Secretly, I’m praying and hoping that the Sephora Australian website will stock these in soon as it is a gorgeous palette.

UPDATE ON 3/3/16: It’s now available on the Sephora AU website! ūüėÄ


This eyeshadow palette is perfect for those of you who prefer matte eyeshadows but still want a pop of shimmer. If you lean more towards warmer-toned eyeshadows but still want a number of cooler-toned eyeshadows to play with from time to time, then this palette might be the one for you. The quality and pigmentation of these eyeshadows is incredible and will definitely be a beautiful addition to my collection of eyeshadow palettes.

That’s all I have for my review today, and I hope it helped some of you that were curious about this palette. Leave in the comments your thoughts on the palette if you have it or want it, and let me know if there’s any requests for posts you’d like to see ūüôā

Thanks for reading guys and remember that true beauty begins from within!

Much love,

Hawa. xo